Our Story

Our beginning…where does one start?  We are a 1 parent, 2 child family.  It didn’t start out this way, and who really knows where it is going.  This has been our way since 2008.  Early in the process of re-building our family I made the commitment to focus on the kids.

Stay Single/Independent/Strong.

Admittedly they were toddlers, so how much of this was really my choice?!

As time went on it was clear the kid stuff was going to continue to be my responsibility going forward too.  Nothing new as a Stay-At-Home-Mom, except, well there was never going to be a person to relieve me to go to the store or change a diaper.  I needed a plan…

The following pages are the execution of ‘the plan’ and all the folly’s that followed.   Hopefully the humour in our story overrides the more painful moments.

It’s my mission to inspire ONE parent through our stories!  Independent Parenting can be done, even a messy execution, to a difficult plan that had many twist, turns and outright disasters can be a success!

Enjoy reading our success story…

Meet the Team

We have finance, project manager, lead generation, not to mention legal, accounting, cleaning lady, nurse and teacher.

Thing is, they are me and a few key players.

2015 - headshot


Chief Everything Officer

A third generation Single Parent.

Background in Business Administration – Accounting, finance, process improvement, administration, project management… the list is long on my capacity and strengths. How do these translate in life?  Managing budgets, organising family time, and constructing peoples futures.  Along with forming peoples futures i also like to design and execute my own home construction and building projects (decks, fences, gardens, sheds, you name it i’ll do it!) and projects with and for others.

Fiercely independent

Driven to aspire

Chronically persistent

Next Steps…

It’s all about LOVE.  Come share your love with me!

Your story is an inspiration for others.  You know how hard it is or has been,  share your independent parent stories!

I want to hear from YOU!

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