My Fairy Tale Started in a Castle…without the prince

Once upon a time there was a Princess, a Queen, DIVA!  Her story started just as any other; with love, and a marriage and a baby(s) in a baby carriage.  The courtship was of ordinary length and regular romance.  The marriage started with a pretty PrincessQueen DIVA in a fanciful dress, a dashing Prince, and a honeymoon surprise.  Their story of love had its usual romantic ups and downs, as is life. They seemed an ordinary couple.  The couples love and marriage lasted until one Fateful Day.

This Fateful Day the Diva was suddenly struck with sorrow so deep.  She could trust her heart to the Prince no further.  She finally knew she would move forward with her life independent of the Prince!  And soon after this day the Prince left the castle…

The Fateful Day began as most others.  Nothing seemed extraordinary about it to start.  The Elf and Apple Cheeks consumed the Diva’s every day.  The house, a home of regular size, small by some standards.  And so, the days were of ordinary doings.  Cooking meals, activities, and household chores, child care.  Of course, these days seemed never-ending to the Diva at times.  At home alone with two young active ladies.  At some point on this day the Diva asked the Prince to confer.  You see, the Diva remembered a test of 2 years prior, and each year on the anniversary of the test she would ask the Prince for private conference.  On this second anniversary, she posed the question to The Prince:

‘How do you feel about our relationship? Do you feel our love and life is better, the same, or worse than before the test?’

The Prince answered her question with a simple ‘I don’t know, I guess its fine.’

It was with this answer that the Diva decided fine wasn’t enough for her!  The test left her feeling so small, FINE was no longer the answer she desired.  And she declared –

‘its time for us to part our ways…’

You see, in that moment, the Diva decided the test required too much from her, that ’fine…’… was no longer the life she wanted to live!  It was time to ask for more, and do better for herself and her two babes.

The Diva, the Elf, and Apple Cheeks all stayed in the castle.  Its walls kept them safe and warm as the storms raged around them.  Inside its walls the Diva set forth on her new fairy tale.  Raising the two ladies alone, defending their innocence and childhood, to raise strong, happy, healthy, whole women.  To be the beacon of strength her ladies would need as a role model.

The first born was nicknamed Elf by her mother.  This lady was small but mighty!  The Elf stayed small for a long time.

The second lady, was nicknamed Apple Cheeks.  She was the rolliest polliest baby of all!!  With rolls, so mighty the Diva declared ‘Mama ate one too many chocolate bars with you!’.

The differences in Apple Cheeks and Elf were vast.  Apple Cheeks was visibly different, but also in nature.  The Elf loved her sister ALMOST more than her mother; almost.

The Diva had set in motion a new fairy tale for her family.  This fairy tale started with the castle.  Without a Prince. Without a job.  And two ladies barely out of the cradle to carry forward….

So begins the tale of the Divorced Diva, her two ladies and their castle without a Prince.

2 thoughts on “My Fairy Tale Started in a Castle…without the prince”

  1. Fantastic story teller my dear! This was agreat read and as you know I am glad I get to participate in your fairy tale! You shoud be so proud of all you are doing and that you are trying to help others despite all you have to do in your own life. Love you!!

    1. Its hard to believe i have any time! JK.

      My story is written. It needs to be told so others just like me can feel less alone. To be empowered to find the strength to carry on. To look ahead and see the brighter days.

      And if they can’t…to reach out and ask how they can do it too!

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